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    Discussion on the high end of cold and hot shock box industr

    未知  2016-03-15

    The central bank announced lower financial institutions RMB benchmark deposit and lending interest rates, financial institutions, one-year deposit and loan datum interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point cut in the and all the other grade deposit benchmark interest rate loans and individual housing provident fund deposit and loan interest rates adjusted accordingly. This measure will drive the pace of development of the market economy. Hot and cold shock box enterprises in order to provide market competitiveness, it will enhance the quality of production of mechanical equipment, technical content and other requirements. At the same time, the development of new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction and other emerging industries, but also become a necessary factor in the design and manufacture of cold and hot shock box industry to further improve the level of manufacturing technology and information technology applications. - cold and heat shock test box
    China's hot and cold shock box is the basis of the country to establish an independent industrial system, in the process of growth and maturity, has entered the hot and cold shock box production, consumption and import of large. Although part of the design and manufacturing level has entered the international advanced ranks, but the whole point of view, China's hot and cold shock boxes are mostly low level, with a large but not strong weak. Therefore, China's hot and cold shock box industry should enhance the capability of independent innovation, accelerate the development of high-end cold and hot shock boxes, cold and hot shock test box parts of its research and development and market development. - cold and heat shock test box
    Cold and hot shock box industry in 12th Five-Year "planning" and "transformation and upgrading" plan, will stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises technological transformation and equipment update. And constantly try to optimize the thermal shock box technology, production of high performance thermal shock box, the thermal shock box industry to develop in the direction of standardization, automation, specialization, refinement, information, highlight the industry high-end, differences in development.