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    Constant temperature and humidity box features

    company  2016-04-05

    Constant temperature and humidity box can be testing various materials heat-resistant, cold resistant, resistant to dry, the humidity resistance performance, suitable for electronics, plastic products, electronics, instrumentation, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials, aerospace, medical and other detection of product quality. This machine is specially designed to test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry and wet resistance of all kinds of materials. The refrigerant is compressed to a high pressure by adiabatic compression of the compressor, the exhaust temperature is increased, and then the refrigerant passes through the condenser to heat the heat exchange with the surrounding medium to transfer the heat to the surrounding medium. After the refrigerant through the shut-off valve of adiabatic expansion work, then the refrigerant temperature decreases. Finally, the refrigerant passes through the evaporator to absorb heat from the higher temperature of the evaporator, so that the temperature of the cooled object is reduced. This cycle continues to achieve the purpose of cooling. The test box refrigeration system using a French Taikang full closed compressor unit freon refrigeration system and refrigeration system to maintain in the best condition.
    Constant temperature and humidity box equipment characteristics:
    High textured appearance body mining circular modelling, through fog noodle grain surface treatment, and the plane with no reaction handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Rectangular double layer glass view window, can be used in the experiment to observe the use of the test, the window with a sweat proof device can prevent condensation of water droplets, and high brightness PL fluorescent lamp to maintain the lighting in the box. Case door double layer isolation tight tight, can effectively isolate the internal temperature leakage. With an external water supply system, the water supply of the water supply is convenient, and the automatic recovery and use of the water supply system is provided. The controller has a number of program editing and temperature, humidity can do fast or slope control. Built in mobile pulley for easy to move and position and has a strong positioning screw fixed position. Using water pump to add water, so that the device can be used in the installation environment without water pressure.
    When you buy, please be sure to refer to the following several points according to their own test requirements:
    1 temperature range: how much the device temperature range, you can refer to the highest and moderate temperature.
    2 cycle function: whether the equipment has the function of temperature cycling, that is, the cycle of repeated cycle between the temperature cycle.
    3 humidity range: whether the equipment with humidity function.
    4 thermal load: a lot of testing of electronic products will be tested, in the case of power, the product will be tested heat, so it will produce load. So sometimes come back to buy equipment, such as the standard is, but in the end not temperature drops down is the reason, so be sure to with the manufacturer's instructions load.
    5 equipment handling: please refer to the size of the equipment, and the final arrangement of the location of the equipment.
    6 power: please refer to the power size of the equipment and the final placement of the test chamber power supply is consistent or satisfied.
    Constant temperature and humidity box operation should pay attention to what:
    First instrument please try not to open the test box door, high temperature open may cause burns to the operator, the low temperature open may to staff matinee frostbite, and may cause icing evaporator, affects the refrigeration effect. If you have to open, please do some work of protection, prohibit disassemble, processing, transformation or repair of constant temperature and constant humidity machine, otherwise it will produce abnormal movements, electric shock or fire risk. In order to avoid the constant temperature and humidity machine the machine fails to provide a rated voltage range of power, in order to prevent electric shock or malfunction and failure, before the end of the installation and wiring, please do not switch on. The ventilation holes of the body should be kept clear in order to avoid failure, abnormal operation, reduced life and fire. If the machine damage or deformation out of the box, please do not use. Machine installation settings when careful not to allow the entry of dust, lint, scrap iron or other things, otherwise it will malfunction or failure. Wiring must be correct, and must be grounded. Non grounding may result in electric shock, error action, display is not normal or measurement has a greater error. Regularly check the terminal screws and fixed frame, please do not use in the case of loose. During the operation of the instrument, the power input terminal cover must be installed on the terminal board to prevent electric shock. Instrument in operation, to modify the settings, signal output, start, stop and other operations before, should fully consider the safety, the wrong operation will make the work equipment damage or failure. Please use dry cloth to wipe the instrument, do not use alcohol, gasoline and other organic solvent, not to splash water to the instrument, if instrument immersed in water, please stop using it immediately, otherwise there is the danger of leakage, electric shock or fire. Instrument parts within the life of a certain period of time, for the continued safety of the use of this instrument, please regular maintenance and maintenance.