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    OTS.junyuan Machinery recommends you: five key factors that

    OTS.junyuan  2018-04-12

    OTS.junyuan Machinery recommends you: five key factors that should be considered before buying material tester

    Material tester, friction tester, polymer tester and adhesion tester. The material test machine has a lot of names. When companies need to test their products, the market of materials testing machines may be an unruly jungle.

    What kind of applications do your material testing machines need to meet? What is the cost of this machine? How do you evaluate the quality of different materials and testing machines on the market? How do you ensure that you can use this machine for today's and future applications?

    When choosing suitable material tester, we should take this into account before buying products.

    1) quality

    If you want to ensure that you get the best material tester at the best price, the quality material tester is not enough. The combination of material tester and material testing software is what you need to know when buying machines that need stable and reliable testing. When the material tester performs the test, the material testing software will calculate and store the test results. It can also transfer and integrate your data into your own analysis software.

    2) flexibility

    If your application needs change over time, you can save a lot of costs by investing in a material tester initially equipped with a comprehensive package. If your requirements change, you can use multiple packages to perform many different kinds of tests without additional investment in new software modules. A software that can flexibly adapt to the changing needs of customers is a major advantage. Every time your testing needs change, it will eventually become an expensive thing to buy additional material test software modules, and some current market material testers will follow a complete package as a standard.

    3) easy to use

    Always remember to use material tester before buying, so as to know whether the material tester design and software package are intuitive and meet your application requirements. Most modern material tester provides a standard library for you. You can configure the machine to test according to the specific international standards just by clicking it. If you need special test settings for your product, some material testers can also use the built-in wizard to guide you to complete the test settings so that you can easily and quickly configure an unusual or complex test.

    4) ensure the future

    Once you are aware of the flexibility of new material testing software, it is also a good idea to consider future test requirements that may arise. Will your range of products expand in the future? If so, the material tester you purchased has enough capacity to meet your future needs. This is very important. As an experience rule, people can say that material tester can always withstand smaller sensors than the sensors that are purchased.

    5) pay attention to your needs

    Each requirement has a material tester. You need to do advanced tests and have to meet specific standards, so a material tester with a high degree of assurance of documentation, traceability, reliability, and accuracy is what you should do. However, your test results must be in a wide range, so there is no reason to invest in the most expensive models in the market. If you are not sure of your needs, you are welcome to call our experts for advice, so you must get the material tester suitable for your specific needs.

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