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    Thanks for Russia clients visited our factory

    未知  2016-06-15

    Thanks for Russia clients bought JY-1021A Rubber tensile testing equipment from us!We have been successful delivery of the machine!
    Hope we can cooperate with each other in the near further!
    Technical parameters:   

    Model JY-1021A Rubber tensile testing equipment
    Maximum load 50N,100N,200N, 500N, 1KN,2KN(optional )
    Accurate grade 1grade / 0.5 grade
    Effective measuring range Force from 0.2% to 100% / from 0.4% to 100%
    Measuring accuracy the value ±1% /  the value ±0.5%
    Tester resolution Max load: 1/200000, constant the resolution
    Load sensor Basic configuration sensor max load: one
    Effective tensile space 400, 500mm (can be increased the tensile space according to customers requirement )
    Testing speed From 0.001 to 500mm/min
    Accruacy of displacement measurement Tolerance:±0.5% / tolerance: ±0.2%
    Safety Electronic-limit protection
    Testing platform moving  device Fast /slow( two speeds to control ),can jog
    Return Back Manual or automatic operation, After the test, the moving iron return to initial position with the highest speed by manual or automatic operation
    Overload protection Overload 10%, automatic protection
    Fixture A set of tensile clamp
    Machine dimension 450*550*1400 mm (L*W*H)
    Motor Zhongyuan  AC  servo motor and drive
    Power supply 220V , 50HZ or according to the requirement
    Power 0.4KW ( depending on different demand of force,using different motor)
    Weight About 160Kg

    In addition to the above technology, the measure of a rally machine is good or bad depends mainly on whether the fixture technology clearance. A qualified tensile machine if the fixture is doing well, such as material selection, design, processing, and a folder slot technology does not pass, it will clamp instability, test sample slipping, out of such phenomena, so the tensile machine is a pile of scrap metal, can accurately measure the test samples required all kinds of parameters.