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    Tahnks for Malaysia client

    network  2016-06-15

    Tahnks for Malaysia client bought  JY-1036 temperature and humidity chamber from us
    Thanks for the client supporting us!
    Hope we can cooperate with each other in the near futher!

    JY-1036 temperature and humidity chamber

    Equipment summary:

    The machine is applied to test the materials in heat-resistance, cold-resistance, dry-resistance, 

    moisture resistance. The language can choose either English or Chinese and with the touch

     screen liquid crystal display screen, simple tooperate and program easy to edit. It can show the 

    system operating data, implementation and set up process curve. Atrouble occurs in operation, 

    the screen automatically displays the trouble and provide method for troubleshooting.


    Corresponding standard:

    1.International Electrotechnical Commission Standard:
    IEC68-2-03_test method Ca_Steady damp-heat   
    IEC68-2-01_test method A_cold  
    IEC68-2-02_test method B_dry heat
    2. Military Standards:
    MIL-STD-810F-507.4 humidity  
    MIL-STD-810F-501.4 high temperature  
    MIL-STD-810F-502.4 low temperature  
    MIL-STD883C test method 1004.2 temperature and humidity cycling test
    MIL-STD810D test method 502.2  
    MIL-STD810 test method 507.2 procedure 3
    3. Japanese Industrial Standard:
    JIS C60068-2-3-1987 test method Ca: Steady damp-heat  
    JIS C60068-2-2-1995 test method B:dry heat
    JIS C60068-2-1-1995 test method A:low temperature
    4. USA Semiconductor Industry Standard:
    JESD22-A101-B-2004 Constant temperature and humidity test
    JESD22-A103-C-2004 High Temperature Storage Test
    JESD22-A119-2004 Low Temperature Storage Test
    5. Chinese National Standard:
    GB11158 Technical conditions for high-temperature testing box
    GB10589-89 Technical conditions for low-temperature testing box
    GB10592-89 Technical conditions for high and low temperature testing box
    GB/T10586-89 technical conditions for humidity testing chamber
    GB/T2423.1-2001 Low-temperature testing methods
    GB/T2423.2-2001 High-temperature testing methods
    GB/T2423.3-93 Testing Method for humidity Test Chamber
    GB/T2423.4-93 Alternating hot and humid testing method
    GB/T2423.22-2001temperature testing method
    6. China's National Military Environment Test Equipment
    GJB150.3 high-temperature testing
    GJB150.4 low-temperature testing
    GJB150.9 hot and humid condition testing

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