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    Transport simulation vibration tester CE

    Simulation Transport Vibration Test Table is used to simulation test damage between transport for various package stuff, PC panal, electrical products ect. applies to toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products packaged to simulate the transport tests.

    JY-1047 Transport simulation vibration tester is based on the United States and European transport 

    standards,and with reference to the United States of similar equipment to improve manufacturing. 

    The use of eccentric bearings in rotating elliptical trajectories generated to simulate a car or ship the

    goods during transport the vibration of the collision. Test platform will be fixed on the eccentric bearing,

    when the eccentric bearing rotation, the test platform for the entire plane would produce an oval-shaped 

    upper and lower front and rear movement,adjust the eccentric shaft with the rotation speed is equivalent 

    to adjust the speed of motor vehicles or vessels.

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    •  Made in China Gold certificatio Made in China Gold certificatio
    •  Transport simulation vibration Transport simulation vibration
    •  Certificate and Honor Certificate and Honor
    •  SGS Report SGS Report
    •  CE Certification CE Certification