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    JY-1101 hydraulic tensile testing machine
    Hydraulic pressure testing machine pull the computer can achieve closed-loop control of a constant force, constant stress, constant deformation, constant speed, and other models, complete metal materials, non-metallic materials tensile, compression, bending and shear tests. Computer controlled servo Wan can test machine with fuel tank mounted under the host, the configuration of electro-hydraulic servo oil source and a separate low noise imported Italian pump motor group and the servo valve clamping oil source. Full digital programmable amplifier having a control mode intelligent expert system settings, this instrument can be used alone PLC man-machine touch screen machines on a separate control, also connected to the computer control, convenient and comprehensive.

    Hydraulic loading, fuel tank mounted under the host structure, worm gear, hydraulic force sensors, computer test process control, hydraulic clamping jaw clamping part, simple operation, increased test fixture can expand the scope of Test Force showed the value of accurate degree level.

    Main specifications:

    1) testing machine accurate level: 1

    2) Test force measurement range: 2% -100% FS

    3) cell capacity: 200KG

    4) Test Force showed the relative error: ± 1%

    5) Test Force Resolution: The biggest test of 200000

    6) deformation measurement range: 2% -100% FS

    7) deformation relative error: ± 1%

    8) Modification Resolution: the maximum deformation 200000

    9) displacement measurement error: ± 1%

    10) the power control rate adjustment error: ± 1% of set value

    11) deformation rate adjustment error: ± 1% of set value

    12) crosshead speed adjustment range (mm / min): 1-500

    13) crosshead speed relative error: ± 1% of set value

    14) Constant Constant Deformation constant displacement control error:

    When A) the set value ≥10% FS, the set value within ± 0.1% of

    B) setting value <10% FS, the set value within ± 0.1% of

    15) Effective tension space (mm): 800 (including fixtures)

    16) Effective test width (mm): 400

    17) Power Supply (V): 220 ± 10%

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