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    Friction Tester for Static and kinetic coefficients

    Product Description

    Friction coefficient tester is used to test the friction coefficient of the special equipment for the packaging industry, film manufacturers, packaging materials testing agencies such as the determination of plastic film, paper and other materials sliding static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient. Through the size of the friction coefficient on the film's smoothness, ease of opening and uniformity can be accurately judged, which can correctly guide the production.

    working principle:
    The strip test sample is gripped by the gripper sample, and the slider is wrapped by the sample to be tested, then the slider is placed on the hanging hole of the sensor, the sensor is moved by the motor driven rack under a certain contact pressure, That is, the two test surfaces are relatively moved. The force signal measured by the sensor is amplified by the integrator and sent to the recorder. At the same time, the dynamic friction coefficient and the static friction coefficient are respectively recorded.

    It is controlled by micro-computer, LCD displays data, results and curves.
    Test the kinetic and static coefficients of friction at the same time 
    Supported by professional software, print single or group results, reports and curves automatically.

    Paper friction coefficient tester is a dynamic / static friction coefficient of the material surface of a testing equipment, mainly used for measuring paper, cardboard, cartons, printing surface, film sheet, plastic, rubber, woven bags, textile fibers, telecommunications cables with metal materials Composite belt, conveyor belt, wood, coating, brake pads, wipers, shoes, tires and other materials sliding static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient. By measuring the material's slippery nature, it is possible to control and adjust the material production quality process index to meet the product's usage requirements so that it can correctly guide the production.

    It is mainly applying in testing the static and kinetic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet,paper, pp woven bags, etc


    GB 10006, GB/T 17200,GB/T 22895,ISO 8295,ASTM D1894,TAPPI T816,GB/T 2792


    • Coefficient measurement range: 0-1
    • Measurement accuracy: 0.01

    • Force range: 0 ~ 2N

    • Slider movement speed: 100 ± 10mm / min

    • Sample thickness: ≤ 2mm

    • Slider size: 60 ± 5 * 60 ± 5mm

    • Sample sliding distance: more than 70mm

    • Slider quality: 200 ± 2g

    • Work table size: 200mm × 470mm

    • Dimensions: 550 * 350 * 250mm

    • Weight: 25kg

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