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    JY-1052  Carton Compression Testing Machine

    Product Summary:

     Electronic carton compression testing machine used to test the compressive strength

    of cartons, containers and other packaging structures, It adopts dynamic holding pressure technology,

    simulates stacking  test , in order to know the compressive strength and impact resistance capacity of

    product packaging during transportation and stacking. The test results can used as the reference for

    packaging design.

    Applicable Industry:

    Electronic carton resist compression testing machine applicable to all factories and enterprises, technical

    supervision departments,the commodity inspection authorities, research institutes and other departments

    for testing and researching.
    Technical Parameter:

    Model     JY-1052  Carton Compression Testing Machine
    Unit exchange kgf, Ibf, N,
    Resolution 1/10,000
    Accuracy ±1%
    Display JY-2000 LCD display
    Compession space 100*100*100cm(or designated)
    Control system AC converter, gear, Motor
    Test speed 12~350mm/min
    Protector Leakage protection, overload auto-shutdown, displacement limit protection
    Printing Automatic printing the result,  Print (maximum power, average,
    automatic abtained-point value, the breakpoints ratio, date)
    Volume 153×121×180cm
    Power 1∮, AC 220V, 5A


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