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    JY-1121 Stroller Performance Tester

    Equipment Description:

    Pram dynamic durability testing equipment (Double Station) based on hand-pushed pram standard of CNS

    dynamic durability test. Testing method is placed the pram in the machine and the fixed on the test stage,

    adjusting the speed of belt to 1.4 ± 0.1m/sec, continued to test 64 hours, View the pram is damaged or not.

    it can automatically stop operating upon the setting number of time arrive.

    The machine is a duplex test machine which can improve work efficiency, so as to enhance enterprise-wide

    Corresponding standard:
    Pram dynamic durability testing equipment( Double Station)is made based on hand-pushed pram standard
    of CNS dynamic durability test and hand-pushed pram ASTM dynamic durability test.

    Technical Parameters:


    JY-1121 Stroller Performance Tester

    Drive mode

    Canvas rubber convey belt as drive of power, coupled with a

    special steel roller convey belt reinforcement for secondary action

    Conveyor speed


    Pram handle fixed

    Method of production based on the method of CNS rubber ring beam

    adjust the distance of

    handle link with the pram

    About 300mm

    machine Lever of left and right

    About 200mm,adjustable

    Times of impact

    0~999,999 times

    Aluminum impact block

    2 sets(production based on your company's standard)

    The shape of impact

    Trapezoidal, semi-curved or designated


    3300×1300×1900mm(L * W * H)


    220V 50Hz

    Other features

    Automatically determine the specimen is damaged, automatic shutdown,

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