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    JY-1117 Brake System Road Performance Tester

    For determining the performance of the braking system of a bicycle is ridden along
    a test track at a specified velocity, evaluate any fracture of braking system.
    According to ISO-30 GB3565-83.


    • Specifications:
      • Displayer: made in USA, able to test various speed and auto brake device.
      • Sensor: able to sense 12000times/sec for displayer.
      • Control Box: integral design. The control system is an automatic test system.
      • Counter: 0-999999 times, with auto stop advice. Made in Japan.
      • Automatic endpoints: The tester stops automatically while the specimen breaks.
      • Speedometer: equipped with DC speedometer. Able to set various speeds.
      • Adopt manual or speed setting.
      • Guarantee: one year free of service.
      • with one set of auto brake device.
      • Spray device: able to do wet test.
      • Three points accessory: with standard three points accessory.
      • 1. able to adjust pressure, regular between 70KG-85KG.
      • 2. Auto add oil device to reduce worn out resistance.
      • 3. exsiccator to prolong use life.
      • Appearance: ivory white coat paint (wearing parts with hardened and chromed plated).

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