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    Vertical bending tester
    This equipment is mainly used for vertical bending test of elevator cables, cables, wires and other materials. The use of intelligent, high-speed, safety and reliability test its life and quality, innovative equipment, patented products.

    design concept
    1. Adhere to the principle of advanced, reliable, economical and practical, fully consider the characteristics of the product, adopt advanced and mature technology and equipment, and improve The cable detection capability enables this indicator to meet the specified technical requirements and enhance the product market competitiveness.
    2. In the design, it is reasonable to match, run smoothly, and pay attention to the energy-saving measures of the equipment, and reasonably use energy.
    3. The equipment and materials are mainly selected for superior quality, achieving both economical and reasonable, advanced and reliable purposes.
    4.It's a new generation of tester with innovative design, convenient using, excellent performance and pleasing appearance.

    Test purpose:
    This test instrument is used to test the wire and test the bending quality of the wire bar under the condition that the wire is tested at a certain left and right span.

    Testing requirements:

    1. The number of tests can be set, the test is automatically stopped when it reaches the test, and it is automatically set in the PLC.
    2. The dynamic and static clamp distance 300~700 can be adjusted.


    Configuration requirements
    1.1000W frequency conversion motor, test double sample
    2. Xinjie PLC touch screen, and control system
    3. The use of double guide chute, long service life, this test instrument is to do life test, so the structure must be strength, the guide rod uses a straight slide, long life, good wear resistance
    4. The structure adopts the electrostatic spraying of 45# iron plate and cold plate surface, and the specific color can be determined according to customer requirements.

    Main accessories
    Configuration name model Quantity
    Motor   1 set
    Positive and negative transmission structure JY-CZ002 1 set
    Straight slide 40 slide rail A total of two pieces
    Control System PLC + touch screen 1 set
    Transmission fixed iron plate 45 steel Fixed board seat
    power AC220V/50HZ
    Dimensions 700x70x2600mm
    Test sample quantity 8 groupsOr specify
    Test speed  8~20 times / minute can be set up
     (from top to bottom, the standard test speed is 12 times / minute).
    Equipment capacity Definition by the number of customer tests
    Sample length According to the standard 1.9 meters

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