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    JY-1075 Chair seat back combined testing machine
    The tester applies to the work of the office, meeting room and other occasions to use durability Chair of manufactured products (ie re-use, strength under repeated loading conditions) test, simulate furniture in everyday normal use, the seat surface and back in after several load has been strength.

    According to the standard QB / T 2280, GB 10357.3 and BS EN 1335

    Seat load capacity: 2000N
    Backrest load capacity: 2000N
    Seat height: 150mm ~ 700mm
    Volume (WxDxH): 140x140x200cm
    Weight (approximately): ≈500Kg
    Gas source: 7kgf / cm ^ 2 more stable gas supply
    Power: 1∮ AC 220V 50Hz 5A

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