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    JY-1071 Office chairs repeated impact test machine

    Product description:
    Seat surface for testing under repeated impact certain weight, speed and a predetermined number of times, deformation, loose and welding various parts of the extent of the damage, to determine the quality of the products.

    Technical parameter:
    Counter 0-999999, power off memory, output control
    The impact of sandbags diameter 16 inch, 125 pound standard sand
    Static pressure die diameter 8 inch, weight 165 pounds
    Impact speed 10~30 times / min or designated
    Static pressure speed 10~30 times / min or designated
    Cylinder stroke 0-300mm
    The bar height 90-135cm
    Power supply 1 MV, AC220V, 3A
    BIFMA requirements Shock 100000 + static pressure left corner 20000 + static pressure 20000 times

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