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    UV testing machine

    1. Uv accelerated aging testing machine is mainly used to simulate the effects of sunlight, humidity and temperature on materials.
    2. Material aging includes fading, loss of light, strength reduction, cracking, peeling, pulverization and oxidation;
    3. Ultraviolet aging test chamber by simulated sunlight, imitate the natural moisture, sample test in simulated environment for a few days or weeks of time, can reproduce the outdoor may damage happened a few months or years;
    4. Ultraviolet light accelerated aging testing machine, uv light of ultraviolet lamp can reproduce the influence of sunlight, water spray system can reproduce the influence of rain and dew.
    5. The temperature is controllable throughout the test cycle.
    6. Typical test cycle usually is uv irradiation and relative humidity at high temperature at 100% dark and humid period;
    7. Typical application in paint coating, automobile industry, plastic products, wood products, glue, anodized film, etc.
    B、Conform to the standard
    Suitable for ASTM D4329, D499, D4587,D5208, G154, G53-54; JIS D0205; SAE J2020; GB/T14522-93, GB/T2424.14-1995, GB/T14522-93; ISO4892-3, ISO 11507; EN534; PREN 1062-4 
    C、Product main technical parameters
    Structure of the material
    1、Test space:  Inner box size: W1140 × H550 × D650mm (effective size: W1060 × H450 × D600mm)
    2、Overall dimensions:W1350 × H1650 × D751mm
    3、The unit material:Inside and outside  304 stainless steel
    4、Sample frame:Aluminum alloy frame backplane board
    5、Control instrument:Color touch-screen program-controlled apparatus
    6、Irradiation tube:A - 340 eight  Four on each side to a total of 2
    7、Can be two-way online (RS232 communication interface)
    8、power supply using residual current circuit breaker control circuit overload short circuit alarm、 Overtemperature alarm、Lack of water protection
    9、Heating: Electrical heater with rapid temperature rise and temperature distribution
    DTechnical parameters

    Model JY-1041C
    Working chamber size(MM) W1140 × H550 × D650mm
    (effective size: W1060 × H450 × D600mm)
    Outside size(MM) W1350 × H1650 × D750mm
    Rate of power 4.0(KW)
    Tube number、life L=1200mm/40W,8 Tube(The service life of more than 1800 hours)
    Performance index Temperature Range: RT+10℃~70℃
    Humidity Range: ≥75%RH
    Temp Evenness: ±3℃
    Temp fluctuation: ±0.5℃
    Tube Distance 55mm
    Distance between sample and tube 50±3mm
    The size of standard test pieces: 75×150mm(Special specifications need to be specified in the contract)
    Standard rack: 24pcs
    Ultraviolet wavelength 290nm~400nm UV-A340
    Tube rate of power 40W
    Control system irradiance: 1.0 W/m2 range can be adjusted
    light, condensation and spray test cycle: Adjustable
    The temperature control mode: PID self-tuning SSR control
    The depth of the water sink: 25 mm automatic control
    Control instrument: Color touch screen (TEMI880) made in South Korea
    Effective radiation area: 900×290mm
    Test of time: 0 ~ 999 h (adjustable)
    spray unit: With functions of automatic spray unit
    Illumination heating system All autonomous system,nichrome heating.
    Condensation Humidity System Stainless steel surface evaporative humidifier
    Irradiation the blackboard temperature: Thermometal blackboard thermometer 50℃~70℃
    water supply system Humidification water supply uses automatic controlling
    Exposure Way Moisture condensation exposure and illumination radiation exposure
    Safety protection leakage、short circuit、over-temperature、hydropenia、overcurrent protection
    UV lamp UV-A 400 (US imports)
    Wavelength: 320-400nm
    Irradiation intensity: 0.55W / C㎡ / nm or 1.0W / C square meters adjustable
    Sprinkler system: water spray 18 minutes, stop spray 102 minutes, time can be set
    1. water and consumption: clean water or distilled water 8 liters / day (customer owned)
    2. control system: the company independently developed touch-screen PLC controller
    3. main components: OMRON and CHINT
    E、Control system:
    1. High precision temperature control instrument
    2. Proframmable time controller (set test time illumination time, condensation time, spraying time)
    3. Electronic components: Adopt product of national joint venture company.
    4. Main configuration: temperature controller, time controller, illumination time accumulator, digital displayed ampere meter, inflow magnetic valve, UV lamp.
    5.Power leakage circuit breaker control circuit, overload short circuit alarm, over-temperature alarm water shortage protection.
    F、Safety protection device:
    1. Leakage protection
    2. Overload protection
    3. Over-temperature protection
    4. Voice alarm
    5. Water shortage, ground protection
    G、Product structure
    1.The structure of the test chamber is made of corrosion-resistant metal material, including 8 fluorescent UV lamp, water tray, test sample rack and temperature, time control system and indicator.
    2. Lamp power 40W, lamp length 1200 mm. The working area of the test chamber is in the range of 900 × 210 mm.
    3. lights installed at the top, a total of 8.
    4. The test sample is fixedly mounted at a distance of 50 mm from the nearest parallel surface of the lamp surface. The test specimen and its brackets form the inner wall of the box, and their backs are exposed to the cooling air at room temperature. Due to the difference between the test sample and the air in the box The So that the test sample surface of the condensation phase to produce a stable condensation conditions, the test chamber by the bottom of the box through the outer wall and test sample channel to produce natural air convection.
    5. Water vapor from the heating box low water plate produced, the water depth of not more than 25 mm, and a water supply automatic controller, water plate should be regularly cleaned to prevent the formation of scale.
    The temperature of the test chamber is measured by a sensor with a width of 75 mm, a height of 100 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm on a black aluminum plate (blackboard). The blackboard shall be placed in the central area of ​the exposure test. The thermometer shall have a measuring range of 30 ~ 80 ℃, the tolerance is ± 1 ℃ 7. Test chamber should be placed in the temperature of 15 ~ 35 ℃ in the laboratory, 300 mm from the wall, and should prevent the impact of other heat sources, the test room should not be a strong flow of air, So as not to affect the lighting and condensation conditions.
    7.Drainage system uses vortex-flow type and U type sediment device to drainage which is easy to clean.
    8.QUV design fit with user-friendly,easy operation, safe and reliable.
    9.Adjustable speciman setting up thickness,easy installing.
    10. The upward rotating door do not hinder user operation.
    11.Unique condesation device only needs tap water to meet demands.
    12.Water heater is under of container,longtime life and convenient maintainance.
    13.Water level is controlled out of QUV,easy monitoring.
    14.Computer programming easy and convenient.                        
    15.English and chinese manual.
    H、Test conditions:
    1. Test sample fixture on the test stand, face the fluorescent lamp When the sample sample is not filled, you need to use the blackboard to fill the sample rack to keep the test chamber wall closed.
    2. Test temperature. Light can be used when 50,60,70 ℃ three kinds of temperature, priority is recommended to use 60 ℃; temperature tolerance uniformity of ± 3 ℃.
    3. After the first light 400 ~ 450H, each row of lamps need to replace a fluorescent lamp, the other lamp in accordance with the lamp cycle and replace the way to compensate for the loss caused by lamp aging. This mode of operation to ensure that each lamp life of 1600 ~ 1800H.
    4. When replacing the lamp, dry the water tray and clean it to avoid the formation of scale.
    I、Test samples and performance evaluation:
    1. Appearance evaluation: the appearance of the coating is mainly the assessment of plastic and rubber, if necessary, can also be the appearance of assessment, inspection items are mainly gloss, color change, powder, spots, blister, crack and dimensional stability. Should try to use the instrument for quantitative project testing, such as gloss, color difference meter.
    2. Mechanical and other performance assessment: General rubber materials for tensile strength, elongation, hardness measurement, plastic impact impact strength, elongation at break, tensile strength, bending strength, if necessary, other performance test items can be specified.

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