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    JY-1034 Three box type cold and hot shock box
    product manual
    1, the product name

    Three box-type Thermal Shock Chambers

    2, Model


    3, sample restrict

    This test equipment prohibited flammable, explosive, corrosive substances test testing or storage of volatile substances specimen or sample storage test biological sample storage or strong electromagnetic radiation source or storage of test specimens

    4, the volume, size and weight







    Within the box size (W * H * D) CM

    36 * 35 * 40

    50 * 40 * 40

    60 * 50 * 50

    50 * 75 * 60

    60 * 85 * 80

    Carton Size (W * H * D) CM

    138 * 180 * 155

    150 * 190 * 160

    190 * 200 * 195

    210 * 220 * 205

    225 * 250 * 220

    5. performance indicators

    Test zone temperature range

    -40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, -60 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, -65 ℃ ~ 150 ℃

    High temperature area: + 60 ℃ ~ 150 ℃; low temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 150 ℃

    5.1 Test environment conditions

    Ambient temperature of + 28 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%, no sample under the conditions of the test chamber

    5.2 Test Method

    GB / T 5170.2-1996 temperature test equipment

    5.3. Room temperature

    5.3.1. Preheat temperature range

    + 60 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃

    5.3.2. Heating time

    + 60 ℃ → + 150 ℃ ≤ 40min

    Note: The heating time for the performance of high-temperature operation is a separate room

    5.4 cryogenic chamber

    Note: The heating time for the performance of high-temperature operation is a separate room

    5.4.1 pre-cooling temperature range

    -55 ℃ ~ -10 ℃

    5.4.2. Cooling time

    + 20 ℃ → -55 ℃ ≤ 70min

    Note: The cooling time for the low-temperature operation is a separate room performance

    5.5. Laboratory (sample area)

    5.5.1 Test mode

    Pneumatic damper switch 2 zone or 3-zone

    5.5.2. Temperature range impact

    -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃

    5.5.3. Temperature fluctuation

    ± 0.5 ℃

    5.5.4 Temperature deviation

    ± 2.0 ℃

    5.5.5. Recovery room temperature

    ≤ 5min

    5.5.6. Recovery conditions

    Table 1 Recovery conditions

    Sample: plastic packaged integrated circuit (uniform) sensor position: The windward side of the specimen

    High temperature exposure: + 150 ℃: 30 Fenzhong

    Ambient temperature exposure: ---

    Low temperature exposure: -40 ℃: 30 Fenzhong

    Sample weight: 2.5kg

    5.6. Meet the test standards

    Low Temperature Test Method: A GB / T 2423.1-2008 Test

    High Temperature Test Method: B GB / T 2423.2-2008 Test

    GB / T2423.22-2002 Test N: change of temperature tests - Test Na

    GJB 150.5A-2009 Laboratory environmental test methods for military equipments - Part 5: Temperature shock test

    GJB 360A-1996 temperature impact test

    GJB367.2-2001 military communication equipment specification temperature impact test

    IEC68-2-14 Test Method N: temperature changes

    6. Structure

    6.1 insulation envelope

    Outer material: cold-rolled steel paint

    The inner wall material: stainless steel SUS304

    Cabinet insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber

    Door insulation materials: fiberglass

    6.2 air-conditioning channel

    Fan, heater, evaporator, throttle, a temperature sensor

    6.3. The test box body standard configuration

    Lead hole: one located in the left side of the box, the size of the hole φ50mm

    6.4. The test box basket carrying capacity (uniform)

    Sample baskets: 2, each carrying capacity (uniform): 5kg

    6.5. Wheel adjustment feet and adjustment

    Adjustable feet: 4, with the support chamber

    Regulating wheel: 4, moving with the chamber

    6.6. Chamber door

    Single open, hinge left and right hand (see "6.13. Appearance chamber")

    6.7 circulating fan

    High temperature / ambient temperature exposure

    Low temperature exposure

    3φ, 400W, centrifugal

    3φ, 400W, centrifugal

    6.8. Console

    The controller display, fault indicator, when tired, R232 interfaces, overtemperature protection

    Setter, the main power switch

    6.9. Mechanical room

    Refrigeration units, then drain, exhaust fan

    6.10. The power distribution control cabinet

    The total power leakage circuit breakers, controllers, power distribution panels, cooling fan, high and low back

    Ring blower motor

    6.11 heater

    Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire heater

    Heater control: non-contact and other periodic pulse-width-modulated, SSR (solid state relay)

    6.12. The power cord hole and drainage hole

    On the back of the box

    6.13. Chamber Appearance

    6.14. Test case names and functions of each part

    No. Name Function

    ① high temperature chamber for storing heat

    ② laboratory sample was placed a test portion

    ③ low temperature chamber for storing cold

    ④ main power board includes the main power switch, the sample power control terminal, external alarm output terminal, an output terminal end of the test, the temperature reaches the output terminal, RS-232 communication interface, the operator panel cover lock

    ⑤ operation panel includes a controller, fault indicator, over-temperature protection settings

    , Temperature recorder (optional)

    ⑥ distribution room installation of electrical components

    ⑦ machine room installed refrigeration units and ventilator

    ⑧ air inlet at ambient temperature exposed to the outside air sucked into

    ⑨ vent hot air discharged from the machine room and laboratory

    7. Cooling System

    7.1. Work

    Mechanical compression binary composite Diego Refrigeration

    7.2 Refrigeration Compressors

    France hermetic compressor

    7.3. Evaporator

    Finned tube heat exchanger

    7.4 condenser

    Shell and tube heat exchangers

    7.5. Throttling device

    Thermostatic expansion valves, capillary

    7.6. Evaporative Condenser

    Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger

    7.7. Refrigerator control

    PLC control system (programmable logic controller) is automatically adjusted according to the test conditions

    Operating conditions of the refrigerator

    Back to the gas compressor cooling circuit

    Energy regulation loop

    Condensing pressure regulating valve

    7.8 Refrigerant

    R404a / R23 (ozone depletion index are 0)

    7.9 Other

    Compressor cooling fan

    Circulating cooling water filter (in the user-site installation)

    8. The electrical control system

    8.1. Controller Model

    1300 Japan brand wisdom color touch controller


    LCD liquid crystal display screen

    Operation mode


    Setting Mode

    Full Chinese liquid crystal display (English switchable) LCD touch panel (100.000 resistant

    Times drawing a line test)

    Program capacity

    Up to 120 Group, total 1200 segment. Each command up to 999 times the segment time setting 0 ~ 99Hour59Min.

    Display Resolution

    Temperature: 0.1 ℃; Time: 0.1min



    Storage device

    R232 communication interface

    control method

    Anti-windup PID, fuzzy algorithm BTC balanced temperature control

    Curve History

    Real-time display of graph program execution

    Subsidiary function

    With power and memory program automatically starts and continue program execution function after power recovery, with

    Date, time adjustment, reservation start, shut down power and screen lock (LOCK)


    9. The safety devices

    9.1. Cooling System

    Compressor overpressure

    Compressor overheating

    Compressor overcurrent

    Circulating cooling water supply undervoltage

    9.2. Laboratory

    Test chamber temperature is too high, too low protection (built into the controller)

    Test chamber temperature is too high, too low protection

    Laboratory door protection

    9.3 Other

    The total power phase sequence and phase loss protection relay

    Leakage circuit breakers, power control terminal of the sample, the external alarm output terminal

    High / low room-temperature protection switch, high / low temperature chamber over-temperature protection (built into the controller)

    Circulating fan thermal relays, motor temperature switch

    Air pressure switch, exhaust valve

    10. Other configuration

    Power cables

    Five lines (four-core cable + protective ground wire) cable 1 (6 meters long)

    Sample Power control terminal

    Relay contact control, AC220V, within 2A (During normal operation, the contacts

    Closed; when the device is shut down or fails, the contact is open)

    External alarm output terminal

    Relay contact control, AC220V, within 2A (During normal operation, the contacts

    Closed; when the device is shut down or fails, the contact is open)

    The total power leakage circuit breaker

    AC380V, 50Hz, three phase four wire + protective ground (0 ~ 9999) h, irreducible zero

    11. Transport chamber is a monolith, the overall transport

    11.1 Dimensions

    The maximum transport size (without packaging): Refer to "see Dimensions 4.3"

    11.2 wt.

    Maximum shipping weight (without packaging): See "4.4 Weight See"

    12. The conditions to ensure the following conditions by the user

    12.1. Environmental conditions

    Temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

    Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

    Pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa

    12.2 circulating cooling water

    Water temperature

    Circulating cooling water temperature: ≤ + 30 ℃

    Water pressure

    Circulating cooling water supply pressure: 0.25MPa ~ 0.4MPa water pipeline design and construction of the cooling system should be guaranteed at the rated flow chiller inlet pressure 0.25MPa ~ .4MPa, refrigerator exports to the cooling towers of the pressure drop is less than 0.05MPa


    7t / h

    pipe connector

    Refrigeration unit on standby DN40 nipple one pair


    In line with GB 50050-1995 Code for design of industrial recirculating cooling water treatment

    Recommend waterways installing electrostatic water processor (cleaning, algae)

    (If using a loop chilled water air conditioning system, the user previously stated)

    12.3. Gas source

    Pressure: (5 ~ 7) kg / cm2 connecting pipe diameter: φ8mm

    (Compressed air)

    Flow: 0.1m3 / min

    12.4. Power conditions

    AC380V three-phase four-wire + ground protection voltage allows the fluctuation range: AC (380 ± 38) V

    Maximum current

    Frequency allows the fluctuation range: (50 ± 0.5) Hz

    Protection of ground grounding resistance of less than 4Ω; supply TN-S or TT mode power supply mode

    At the installation site requires users to configure the device corresponding capacity air force or open

    Off, and this switch must be independent of the device for use 45A

    12.5. Requirements for storage environment

    When the device does not work, the environmental temperature should be kept within 0 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃ when the ambient temperature is below 0 ℃, should the device remaining water drained to avoid freezing water pipes within pipes up bad

    Thermal shock mode Introduction

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