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    JY-1037 Vacuum drying box


    1. Industrial special baking box high temperature 300 °C. It is suitable for baking, drying heat treatment or other heating. Also laboratory standing equipment

    2. The operating temperature of the industrial special baking box can be from room temperature to the maximum temperature. Within this range, the working temperature of the drying machine can be arbitrarily selected. After the selection, the automatic control system in the box can be used to make the baking oven temperature constant.

    3. The industrial special baking box is equipped with an electric blower to promote the convection of the hot air inside the baking box and make the indoor temperature more uniform.

    4. The structure of this baking box is precise, the temperature control is sensitive and accurate, and the operation is simple. The research institutes of industrial and mining institutions and universities can all be used.

    5. The roasting box is a new generation of products, using the most novel digital display instrument for temperature measurement, flexible temperature control, accurate, clear and intuitive.


    1.Industrial special baking box is made of stainless steel plate, and glass fiber is used as insulating layer material between the studio and the box shell. There is a glass window in the middle of the box door to observe the situation in the working room.


    2. Open the baking box blower valve to allow convection exchange of hot and cold air at the working room temperature, temperature control with thermal expansion controller or digital display instrument automatic thermostatic adjustment. All electrical operating equipment is installed in the box side control layer. There are side doors in the control floor that can be removed for inspection or repair.


    3. The electric heater is installed on the side of the studio of the baking box to avoid the liquid droplets and other liquids from affecting the safe operation of the baking box.

    型号model 内部尺寸Inner dimension
    外部尺寸External dimensions(cm) 升温时间 Heating time 精确度Accuracy 均匀度Evenness 电压Voltage 功率power
    JY-T225L 60*50*75 86*64*89 RT-150℃ ±1℃ ±2% 220V 4.5KW
    • Air supply mode: forced circulation or no wind
    • The size of inner box can also be customized according to customer requirements.
    • Temperature range: RT C +10 C ~ 300 C
    • Temperature controller: original imported microcomputer automatic calculation controller.
    • Thermometer: K thermoelectric pair
    • Material: inner case SUS 304 stainless steel, outer box steel sheet sprayed.
    • Insulating material: polyamine and high efficiency compressed glass cotton
    • Heating time: RT C to 150 centigrade for 15 minutes
    • Timing time: 0 - 9999
    • Control mode: PID+SSR output
    • Silicone rubber for industrial oven
    • Timer: control timer function
    • Accessories: industrial oven power line 2.5 meters, spare fuse.
    • Protective device: over temperature protector, motor overload protector, buzzer, fault indicator lamp, no fuse switch.
    • Material of heater: finned radiator tube, stainless steel electric heater clapboard material: stainless steel grating plate 2 (or according to specific requirements).
    Remarks: Special sizes for various baking ovens can be customized!

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