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    JY-1039 Xenon Lamp Aging Tester

    Chamber structure

    1.Outside bile uses high quality t=1mmSUS304 steel plate numerically-controlled machine tool to process,outside hull spray molding treatmentmake chamber more bright and clean.

    2.high density glass cellucotton,insulation thickness is80mm.

    3.Use long axis fan motor,heat and cold resistance,stainless steel siroco fan,to make sure strength convection and vertical diffusion cycle.

    4.Between door and chamber,use double-deck thermostability sealing strips,to make sure testing area is airtight.

    5.Use no-retroaction doorknob,easy operation.

    6.In the bottom of chamber,use high quality stationary type PU running wheel.

    7.Observing window uses multilayer hollow toughened glass.

    Cooling system

    1.Compressor uses France TAIKANG whole sealing compressor.

    2.Cooling system uses Unit or binary low temperature  return circuit system.

    3.US “AIGLE” drying and filtering device,Taiwan  AIRMENDER oil separator,Italy Castel solenoid valve.


    Product function

    Full spectrum xenon lamp

    Various selective filtration system.

    Water spray function.

    Relative humidity controlling.

    Testing chamber air temperature controlling system.

    Irregular shape sample supporting structure.

    Superior Xenon arc lamp.

    Xenon lamp lifelong is decided by the illumination level of radiation intensity,the lifelong is about 1600 hours,it's easy to change the lamp.

    Chamber Inner Size and Structure

    Inner size(cm):D×W×H




    Temperature range

    Temperature range

    Humidity range


    Rain falling time

    09999min (adjustable)

    Rain falling period


    Spectral wavelength


    Xenon lamp total power


    Time Controller

    Imported programmable time computer integrated controller

    Accuracy range

    temperature ±0.1℃,humidity±1R.Hindicate accuracytemperature,±0.1℃,humidity,±1R.H

    Temperature Humidity Sensor

    PTR Platinum Resistance,PT100Ω/MV

    Heating system

    autonomous systemnichrome electric heating heater 

    Humidification System

    isolated type,SUS steel surface evaporative humidifier.

    Blackboard temperature

    thermometal blackboard thermometal.

    Temperature controller

    Imported microcomputer temperature humidity integration controller

    cyclic system

    low noise,air-condition type motor, multiple-pin Centrifugal rotor.

    Outside chamber material

    SUS304 stainless steel.

    Inner chamber material

    SUS304 stainless steel plate

    Sample shelf material

    SUS304 stainless steel plate

    Doorframe heat insulation

    good heat and cold resistance,aging Silicone rubber door and sealing strips.

    Standard configuration

    non-browning glass observing window 1pcsxenon lamp 1pcs

    Safeguard protection

    leakage,short circuit,over temperature,short of water,motor overheating,over-current protection,Backup data for power fail

    Voltage power

    AC380V±10 50±0.5Hz 3 phase 5 lines

    Using temperature


    Testing standards

    GB/T2423.24-1995 GB/T16422.2 GB9344 GB/T1865-97 ASTM G 155-04a


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