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    JY-1044 Dynamic cold test chamber



    Low temperature cold Chamber is used for testing the finished shoes, like rubber, plastic, shoe, synthetic leather, etc in order to understand the degree of cold materials or finished products to adapt to the cold climate or cold areas situation. The machine adopts the stainless steel, and can be equipped with all kinds of folding fixture, in order to adapt to different requirements.



    Temperature range choice: cold ~ -30 ,

    Inner box (W *  D* H) : 50 * 50 * 60 cm

    Temperature fluctuation: + / -0.5

    Distribution uniformity: ± 1

    Cooling speed: need about 60 min

    Refrigeration system: full closed compressor single zone

    Refrigerant: environmental protection refrigerant

    Inside and outside box and fixture: the whole table stainless steel

    Heat preservation material: hard foam

    The temperature control mode: BTC equilibrium temperature control system, P.I.D. mode control

    Temperature controller: key set input, numerical display output

    Counter: LCD, 0 ~ 999999

    Windows: 210 * 35 * 270 mm, 2 case vacuum layer

    The lamp: PL lamp, 13 w

    Volume: 109 * 105 * 150 cm

    Weight: about400 kg(-30 )

    Power supply: 1 for, AC220V

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