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    Mechanical properties of glass fiber and textile

    company  2016-03-24

    Brief description
     test space spacious mechanical test equipment used for testing textile and garment fabric. Using this system can to ensure production process with customers with high standard quality control or component test.
    detailed information
    Solution of textile mechanical testing
    - applicable standard:
    GB/T3923-1998 (tensile test)
    GB/T13772-92 (determination of resistance to slip properties of woven fabrics)
    GB/T14344-93 (synthetic filament filament tensile test)
    FZ/T60005-91 (non-woven fabric tensile test)
    FZ/T60006-91 (non woven fabric tearing test)
    - Characteristics and advantages
    The way to test the method is suitable for all kinds of simple or complex test
    To provide you with a wide range of fixture and tooling to meet the needs of all kinds of testing in the future.
    You can choose hundreds of attached fixtures and tooling to meet the needs of future experiments.
    This system can almost meet all kinds of ISO/EN/ BS ASTM/ and other kinds of standards on tensile, tear, puncture, elastic elongation and off crack test.
    The accuracy and accuracy of the world's first flow level
    Best long-term investment
    Safe and reliable