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    Application of testing machine in the field of Aerospace

    company  2016-03-24

    Application of testing machine in the field of Aerospace

    Modern aviation, aerospace industry and other fields, high temperature alloy (super alloy) and high temperature protective coating (high temperature coating) is an indispensable element, and it is very important in some key areas. At the same time, the mechanical properties of high temperature and room temperature test is one of the main methods used in the above purposes. Electronic universal testing machine in the process of the development of aerospace technology plays a huge role, many new technologies, new system, new equipment is through the electronic universal testing machine and the final shape of the use of, it is the scientific research achievements into application technology is one of the important means.
    OTS series electronic universal testing machine, RMT series high temperature creep endurance testing machine, for aerospace field of metal material mechanical performance testing, provides professional, accurate and efficient solution. References are made to the GB/T228-2002 metallic materials tensile testing at ambient temperature; GB/T2039-1997 metal tensile and creep and lasting test method of national standard to meet the aviation industry HB5151-96 metal high temperature tensile creep test method and HB5150-96 high-temperature metal endurance test method, the full set of solutions fully meet the test requirements for all users.